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First private clinic for wound care in Estonia

Haavakliinik is forward thinking

We do not only treat a wound, we treat the person. We have a personalized and complete plan to help You. We offer tests to find out the reason behind the problem, analyze the data and communicate our thoughts with You. We include You in the process of healing You. 

We wish to help You with the improvement of Your day-to-day life. 

Haavakliinik’s philosophy


We are here for You! We hope to bring modern wound care to people in Estonia. We hope to be the centre of wound care competency in Estonia. We do not only offer high quality services for our patients, but we also offer consultations and training to medical specialists all around the country.


We offer modern and complete wound care which will increase our patients’ quality of life and awareness about wound care.


Our core values include caring, professionalism and communication.


We approach every person individually. We have empathy and positivity towards the patient and always listen to the problem thoroughly.


We want to create a trustworthy relationship with the patient. We communicate our actions carefully and try to be as clear as possible so our client understand the information given. We maximize Your time so Your problem finds a comprehensive solution which pleases You. 


Our communication towards our clients is positive and inclusive. We try to be as clear as possible and communicate our solution to the patient so everybody is on the same page. We do not only take care of Your wound, we take care of You. 

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Sütiste Tervisekeskus
J. Sütiste tee 17/1 (3rd floor)
13419 Tallinn



Ambulatory general surgery services
Licence No. L04647
Nurse reception services
Licence No. L04651


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Our partner is Dermtest where a patient can upload pictures before visiting us.