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Specialists’ ambulatory appointments

Short waiting list

We offer doctor’s and nurse’s appointments flexibly so it fits your schedule.

Haavakliinik’s specialists have great experience with communication skills. In addition to professional medical care, we can also consult You how to take care of Your health problem at home.

Our focus is You and Your healing process. We hope that You can return to your day-to-day activities as quickly as possible.

Your health problem, our solution


If You have a health problem concerning wounds, visit us. We can also consult you online. We have the technological knowledge to help You. We can show from picture to picture, how Your problem is solving  in front of our eyes. We are able to offer you a health plan so your wound will get the treatment it deserves. We can recommend You the necessary equipment for Your healing process. Your recovery is important to us

Services’ price list

Doctor’s appointment

65 EUR

110 EUR

GENERAL SURGEON/PHLEBOLOGIST first appointment with ultrasound examination

135 EUR

Sclerotherapy 1st assessment/recurring

139 EUR / 99 EUR

Minor surgical procedures performed on superficial tissue (moles, cysts or ingrown toenails)

165 EUR

Doctor’s visit written summary in English

30 EUR

Nurse’s appointment

Nurse’s consultation (telemedicine)

29 EUR

Nurse’s first appointment

Chronical ulcer, creating a treatment plan 

69 EUR

Nurse’s recurring appointment

Chronical ulcer

49 EUR

Nurse’s appointment, 45 minutes

Appointment for a child

69 EUR

Nurse’s first appointment

Small trauma or surgical wound

39 EUR

Nurse’s appointment (overtime)

10 minutes = 20 EUR

Compression therapy consultation

25 EUR

Surgical stitches/staples removal

33 EUR / 39 EUR

Ingrown nail’s treatment

29 EUR

Wound swab for microbiological analysis**

Starting from minimum fee of 45 EUR

Nail fungus analysis

59 EUR

ABI (Ankle-brachial index) test

22 EUR

Family member/caretaker consultation

29 EUR

Stoma nurse’s appointment

49 EUR

Nurse’s home visit in Tallinn (+0,72 EUR/kilometre)

110 EUR

Assemling of wound care products (includes postage!) 

10 EUR

Prescription renewal (w/o doctor’s appointment)

15 EUR

Certificate issuance

25 EUR

Nurse’s appointment written summary

30 EUR

Podologist’s 1st assessment/recurring/home visit

50 EUR / 40 EUR / 60 EUR

* In addition to the cost of service, any extra medical material used in process will be added to the bill. These also include non-resuable instruments.

** Wound swab microbiological analysis’ cost will be finalized after receiving the results from laboratory.

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Ambulatory general surgery services
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Licence No. L04651


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Our partner is Dermtest where a patient can upload pictures before visiting us.